Support the development of your business using the experience of our proven partners. We cooperate with the best in the industry to provide you with comprehensive solutions - from effective marketing strategies, through effective SEO optimization, to professional server administration and data recovery. The diversity of our partners is a guarantee that with us you will achieve success in every field. Invest in solid business relationships - choose our Trusted Partners!


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We cooperate with experienced marketing specialists who will help you effectively promote and build brand recognition. Together with you, they will create an effective marketing strategy tailored to your needs.

Mobile applications

Our partner specializes in creating innovative mobile applications using Flutter technology. Thanks to our cooperation, we will provide you with applications available for Android and iOS using one common code base, applications based on technology supported by Google and full support in placing applications in online stores, migrating existing mobile applications from the native language to the Flutter platform and IT consulting in the field of the process of creating mobile applications. Mobile applications provide an authentic user experience thanks to the native application interface, reducing the time of delivering business value and the development process itself.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a key element of an effective online strategy. We cooperate with SEO professionals who perfectly understand the mechanisms of search engines. Thanks to their support, you will gain visibility on the Internet and reach a wide group of potential customers.

Server administration

If you need specialized help in administering servers - we cooperate with experts in this field. Thanks to them, your servers will operate efficiently and safely, and you will be able to focus on the development of your business.

Data recovery

We also cooperate with data recovery experts who provide comprehensive assistance in the event of loss of valuable information. Our partner guarantees effective and safe data recovery, eliminating the stress associated with losing important files.

Personal data protection

We cooperate with a law firm specializing in the processing of personal data. Our clients can count on additional support in the field of services related to privacy policy and GDPR compliance, thanks to which they will manage their clients' data more effectively.

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

We enable students to gain valuable practical experience through internships. We believe in the development of young talents and focus on the practical application of the knowledge they acquire at university. As a company open to innovation, we encourage students to participate in team projects, internships and professional practice, so that they can fully develop their skills in real industry projects. We also conduct classes for students, enabling the exchange of knowledge between the academic community and business practice.


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