Using the Python language


We provide our services mainly in Python technology, which opens the door to the world of innovation and effective solutions for your company.
New to programming languages? That's okay! Python is a user-friendly language that guarantees:

  • Friendly use - you don't have to be a programmer to use solutions created in Python technology, we will also help you choose functionalities important for your business.
  • Versatile - it is versatile and can be used in various fields, from website development to data analysis or artificial intelligence. This makes it ideal for companies with various business profiles.
  • Integration - allows you to connect with databases and other systems that already operate in your company.
  • Scalability - Python-based solutions are easy to expand and customize, enabling companies to scale their projects as their business grows. By placing your projects in an appropriate environment such as Amazon Web Services, you can be prepared for unexpected increases in traffic
  • Popularity - There is a large developer community ready to provide support.
  • Python is extremely versatile, which means it can be used in various areas of technology, from web projects to advanced artificial intelligence and data analysis applications.

Application areas:

  • Web applications: websites, e-commerce stores, interactive platforms (e.g. e-learning).
  • Mobile applications (Android or iOS),
  • Business Systems:
    • Customer relationship management systems (CRM)
    • Human resource management (HRM) systems
    • Project Management Systems
    • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems
    • Warehouse management systems
    • Financial systems
    • Data analysis systems
    • E-commerce systems
    • Customer Service Systems (Helpdesk)
    • Knowledge Management Systems
    • Risk Analysis Systems
    • Logistics Systems
  • Data analysis and processing: Integration and expansion of databases, Data processing security, trend analysis and forecasting, customer segmentation, price optimization, customer retention analysis, research customer satisfaction, risk analysis, data reporting, e.g. to the management board
  • AI: customer service personalization, business process automation, predictive loss analysis, sentiment analysis, image and sound recognition, speech recognition, inventory and delivery forecasting, automatic decision systems
  • Machine learning: credit risk analysis, personalization of marketing offers, maintaining and improving CRM applications, machine learning in the area of health, financial security
  • Deep learning: image and video recognition, automatic language translation, speech recognition and audio processing, automatic news categorization and sentiment analysis, content generation, handwriting recognition and signatures, automation of production processes, autonomous vehicles and logistics
  • Internet of Things (IoT):
    • Integration with IoT devices
    • Remote monitoring and management of IoT devices.
  • Automation and Scripting:
    •    Creating automation scripts.
    •    Administrative and programming tasks.


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