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How we work ?

The most important thing is to get started right. We will guide you smoothly through the process of creation Your application. It's only 6 steps for you to grow your business!


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Present an idea

Tell us about your idea, don't worry about if it's possible to be done - that's what we're here for!

Estimating time and costs

Give us a moment to estimate the time and resources we need to use, and thus the costs.


In this step, we are ready to sign a contract, set deadlines, and then proceed to the project.

Create process

This is where the code begins to be created, and as a result - your dream internet application, such as a website or web application.


Depending on the arrangements, we will show the progress of work, if they are satisfactory, we will not have to return to the previous step.


At this stage, the implementation and the transfer takes place

Satisfied customer

If you have reached this step, it means that we have finished the creation process, you are satisfied and we are waiting for the transfer.

What WEBTECHNIKA offers to its customers?

Reliable cooperation

We try to understand the client's needs, and clients stay with us for years.


You don't know what you need? You've come to the right place, we will select the appropriate technologies to meet your needs.


We have been operating on the market for 11 years. By working with us, you benefit from many years of experience.

A team of professionals

We have a stable, experienced and constantly growing team.

With whom we work


Over the years of writing in Python, many projects for clients have been created, but we have also created many projects as our own products:


Dry-wipe boards and wall films. These lightweight and flexible PVC (PVC) transparent film boards are perfect for office and home use. Thanks to their ethereal structure, they can be hung on any surface, and thanks to the electrostatic charge, they do not require strong anchors for mounting - a small amount of double-sided tape is enough.

They are perfect for offices and at home. Each of the boards can be freely trimmed depending on the needs.

Please visit the website.



Common name for services such as hosting, email, and FTP. The name comes from the activities carried out as part of the Academic Business Incubator in Gdańsk. Access to brightsite series services is available in the customer panel.


Simplefee Architektura is a concise, simple and very useful tool for valuing construction projects at a minimum level. It divides the process into three phases: conceptual, construction and executive, additionally provides estimated investment cost based on current indicators.

The algorithm was based on the architect's fee regulations for buildings and complexes of buildings adopted in 2006, enriched by the originator's experience, modifications to the algorithm facilitating and accelerating the calculation process. As a consequence, the entire operation is reduced to five simple steps.


Boss support
Boss support

Here you will find:

Descriptions of tourist and recreational places, both at the seaside, in the mountains, and inland,

Guidebooks with descriptions of places to visit while on vacation, when we get bored of lying belly up on the beach or when children are bored, because, for example, it is raining

List of events and activities taking place during the holiday vacation

Accommodation base

Access descriptions with marked routes and a description on the map, both for nature reserves and recreational facilities

You have the option to:

Add and view Free Rental Listings with your contact details and five photos. The advertisements include facilities from comfortable apartments, through summer houses in picturesque surroundings, hidden forester's lodges among forests, agritourism farms with many attractions, to holiday centers and guesthouses,

Adding and viewing events in the vicinity of the rented facility, 



Roadside assistance base with accompanying services. A simple dashboard to search for roadside assistance in the event of an accident or other road incident. In just three steps, you can find the nearest roadside assistance in your city or on the road.



A great tool for generating and sending training certificates. Upload the background, set the font and freely model the position of the texts. PDF sending is done using mailing tools such as GetResponse or MailerLite

Team over the years

Senior Mid Junior Intern
2021 1 6 0 45
2022 3 6 3 5
2023 4 5 2 14
Some history

Some history, milestones, memories.


"New nature of business" award

Winning the competition organized by the Olsztyn Science and Technology Park "NEW NATURE OF BUSINESS - innovation as a tool of internationalization" read more

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Commencement of activities under the AIP


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