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Expand the potential of your business with Webtechnika!

We offer comprehensive services for companies at every stage of digital transformation. Assuming simplicity, transparency and customer orientation, we specialize in automating digital processes based on Python and the Django framework. We serve individual clients, service providers, manufacturing companies (the industry does not matter) and industrial companies (e.g. shipyards), local government units, universities and institutions.


Digitization of business processes

Digitization of business processes is a revolutionary approach to transforming your company. In a world where innovation and efficiency are key, we offer comprehensive solutions based on automated processes and modern digital technologies. Tell us about your problems and we will find the best solution!

Simplifee software

Simplifee is a simple tool that streamlines the pricing process for architectural and engineering projects. Our solution, based on the regulations on architect's fees for buildings and development groups adopted in 2006, minimizes the effort needed to estimate the investment costs at each stage.

pomocedrogowe.pl website

Pomocedrogowe.pl is not only a roadside assistance database - it is a comprehensive solution that provides peace of mind in the event of any road accident. Our platform offers quick support in the field of road accidents, as well as a simple and intuitive panel thanks to which you can find the nearest roadside assistance in just a few steps.

Our technology stack

Our services are based mainly on Python technology, which opens the door to the world of innovation and effective solutions for your company. Python is a versatile tool, ideal for use in web and mobile applications, data analysis, and learning machine, artificial intelligence or IoT. read more...

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